What to look for when buying a curling iron

What to look for when buying a curling iron

Styling your hair into cascading waves or springy spirals isn’t as hard as it appears when you have got the appropriate curling iron. Listed below are just a few things to look for that can assist you discover an important hair curler.

Types of curling irons

Spring curling iron: This type of curling iron is acquainted to most. It incorporates a thumb-controlled shell that is used to open and shut the clamp. Spring curling irons supply more management over variables like heat and the shape of curls.

Marcel curling iron: Named after a 19th century hairstylist, this hair curler additionally incorporates a clamp on the wand, alongside with a longer handle. The Marcel should be opened and closed manually, similar to using a pair of scissors. It produces simply rolled, consistent-looking curls.

Cordless curling iron: Nice for adding a little bounce to your hair while you’re on the go, a wireless curling iron is powered by Thermacell cartridges, so it doesn’t should be powered by batteries or an influence outlet.

Clipless curling iron: This type of hair roller doesn’t have a clamp. Hair is wrapped around the barrel to offer you a smooth curl without any crimps or creases.

Double and triple barrel irons: Double and triple barrel curling irons are professional curling irons used to provide hair more waves.

Features and factors to consider when buying a curling iron

Take a minute to consider just a few key curling iron features to help determine which model suits you best.

Hair type: Thicker hair requires high heat settings to keep up curling results, while fine hair needs decrease settings to keep away from damaging the hair.

Barrel heating speeds: The quicker a curling iron generates heat, the easier it is to achieve a professional curl.

Barrel dimension: Different barrel sizes produce different types of curls. Depending on what look you wish to achieve, a thicker one inch or inch barrel is suitable for longer and looser curls. If you need tighter curls or ringlets, a 3/8 or 5/8 inch barrel is recommended.

Barrel material: Professional curling irons are more likely to have a ceramic or tourmaline heating plate. Each heat up quickly and cause less damage to hair within the curling process.

Interchangeable barrels: Some curling irons come with interchangeable barrels that can assist you create a wide range of completely different looks.

Variable heat settings: Chances are you’ll wish to consider an iron with a heat setting control, especially when curling your bangs, layers and ends.


Add in a couple of accessories to make curling your hair even easier.

Thermal styling glove: Gives heat higher access to your curls and protects towards burns

Crimping barrel: Add some enjoyable to your curls with a crimping barrel

Heat-proof mat: Relaxation your curling iron on a mat to protect any surface

Iron cleaner: Helps keep constant results and enhances the longevity of your gadget

Earlier than shopping for a curling iron, take into consideration your hair type and what look you need to achieve. Then pick out your favourite curling iron and make bad hair days a thing of the past.