The key benefits of a time clock system

The key benefits of a time clock system

Benefits of using a time clock system in a small enterprise

For small companies, implementing using an automatic time clock system can supply more clarity to both employees and managers. With the correct system, there may be more opportunity for monitoring your workers’ general productivity and improving communications between employees and management. Under, we’ll look at how a time clock system can really achieve all of this on your small business.

Save your staff time

It is important to make your staff aware of the advantages of implementing time clock systems and the way they need to be used for betterment of their own performance. You’ll want to clarify the benefits of a time clock to workers in detail and reply any queries they could have, especially if this will be a new way of working for many. It is important to keep in mind that some may really feel threatened by this management approach and may view it as overbearing. Starting with the direct benefits to the workers is therefore a wise approach.

If your business has been previously utilizing manual time sheets, you and your employees will find that moving to an electronic time clock system is a much faster and easier technique that saves time and reduces costly errors.

Manual timesheets are part of the “pointless admin” that 22% of employees say they waste time on each week. Instead of burdening workers with the responsibility of remembering and logging their own hours, a time clock system allows working hours to be recorded automatically.

Save management effort and make payroll a breeze

This ensures that workers receive accurate pay for the time they have worked and with a log of this, it makes it simpler for employers to monitor. The prices of “time theft” and “wage theft” to employers and staff are mitigated. Easily forgettable absences, like quick trips out of the office, might not come to mind when an worker sits down on Friday to do their timesheet. But when a system has tracked this, then the right level of compensation could be provided.

Findmyshift can even automatically populate payroll data and predictions utilizing time clock and scheduled shift times. This allows managers to make use of your costs in real time and predict future bills based on the shifts you have planned.

More accurate scheduling

If your corporation’s workload fluctuates on a daily basis, reminiscent of a restaurant which could have busy and quiet evenings, it’s not unusual for employee shifts to finish at completely different instances than scheduled. Manually keeping track of those occasions could be a problem, especially once you’re combating fires in the midst of a busy night! However with time clocks automatically recording when employees leave on the finish of the shift, you could be able to spot traits within the data and adjust your expected shift occasions to match.

Let’s say you notice that the dinner shift employees are consistently leaving early mid-week. Maybe you’re not getting the business you’d anticipate on today and you can adjust those shifts to have an earlier finish time. Having better clarity on whenever you’ll really want your employees there will please each administration and your workers themselves—no one desires to be hanging round with nothing to do or to get home far later than expected.

Monitor employee check-in behaviour

Through the use of a time clock system, you will be able to monitor who has signed in and is current in your workplace, providing you with a real-time headrely and stopping issues like “buddy punching”, the place employees clock in on behalf of their absent colleagues. The frequency of buddy punching is nearly 20% and accounts for approximately 2% of payroll.

Being able to monitor issues with employee attendance and have the data to back up your claims will make discussion on the topic far calmer. It’s a lot easier to avoid being accusing if in case you have the exact times an employee has been clocking in or out as evidence or can show that they’ve been buddy punching.

Enhance worker confidence by rewarding good and hard work

With the use of a simple time clock system, staff will have increased confidence that their hard work will be rewarded. There is the automated acknowledgement of the system that tracks their hours worked, and managers can take this data to reward those who are going above and beyond. Additionalmore, the system will be able to stop any unfair practices, as outlined above, and staff who do play by the book will feel your workplace is just. If they’ve committed and worked hard, they know they will be rewarded fairly.

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