I Totally Understand What You Mean

I Totally Understand What You Mean

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It’s time for us to take a look at how a simple Alice program might be put together. Before getting into the details of the two methods listed above, I need to explain a little about the physical process of writing programs in Alice. To deflate, a quick pump or two of a valve—located next to the pumper upper—released the saline solution back into the reservoir and it went back down. As you can see, the code in Listing 2 calls these two methods in sequence. This will create a new tabbed pane as shown in Figure 16 that will contain the source code for that method. If we turn the arm one-fourth of a revolution (90 degrees) to the right, the coach will be pointing to the front. Finally, I caused the left arm to be rendered as a wireframe drawing instead of a solid drawing. Note that I made all of the coach’s body parts visible in Figure 10 so that we can see the new position of the left arm in the context of the entire body.

Figure 9. Coach’s arm rolled right by 45 degrees. For example, Figure 9 shows the arm rolled to the right by one-eighth of a revolution (45 degrees). Figure 8. Coach’s arm turned backwards by 180 degrees. The Coach object is actually made up of a large number of component objects, each of which has six degrees of freedom. Figure 14 shows the object tree for the completed program named Alice0125f with the iceSkater object expanded to show as much detail regarding component objects as the screen size would allow. To learn more about the handling of objects in 3D space by Alice, follow the link to the tutorial titled “Objects in 3D Space” in Resources. I click on the link and quickly sign up. Obviously, that link is NSFW. It is important to note that when one of these turn or roll operations is performed, the arm’s 3D axes travel or rotate with the arm.