Hair Transplant – A Permanent Baldness Treatment

Hair Transplant – A Permanent Baldness Treatment

Hair Transplantation… What? How? Why?


Hair transplant is a procedure or medical remedy in which surgeons take hair follicles from one part of the body for that part of the body which is bald. It is a procedure of providing hair to the bald space of the body. The part from hairs are taken is called donor site and the part the place it is to be inserted (bald space) is called recipient site. It’s also known as follicular unit transplantation.

How it is done?

• Pre-operation planning

Firstly, whenever you go to a health care provider for this procedure he will ask your preferences and expectations and will analyse your scalp. This planning will allow you to to know that what is the density of the hair which will come in consequence after transplant. Doctors will counsel you do’s and dont’s before surgery.

FUT hair transplant (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

In FUT transplant process the physician will remove a sure inch strip from back of your head after which he stitch the realm around. The realm gets covered with hairs.

Subsequent, the doctors group divides the strip of removed scalp into 5 hundred to 2 thousand little grafts, each with a personal hair or just a couple of hairs. The quantity of graft you get is dependent upon your hair type, quality, color, and likewise the size of the realm wherever you are obtaining the transplant.

FUE hair transplant (Follicular unit extraction)

In FUE transplant process the hair physician will firstly shave your hair from the donor area. Then, the doctor will remove follicles one after the other from there using fue punch. The hair Doctor then makes use of terribly tiny small blades or fine needles to puncture the sites for receiving the grafts, putting them during a preset density and sample, and angling the accidents during a constant fashion to push a wise hair pattern. The technicians typically do the ultimate a part of the procedure, inserting the person grafts in excellent place. This process will be performed in a single long session or many small sessions.



• Leaves a donor scar

• Healing time is more

• More discomfort in donor area

• The maximum graft of yield is

Higher than FUE

• Cheaper


Doesn’t depart a linear donor scar.

Healing time is less.

•Much less discomfort in donor area

The utmost graft yield of FUE is decrease than FUT

More expensive

List of hair transplant equipments:

• implanter pen

• fue

• Hair Transplant FUE Follicular Unit Extraction Machine

• Cylindrical fue punch

• forceps

• HT Micro Titanium Forceps

• Handbook Hair Transplant Punch Holder

• Hair Transplant Titanium FUE etc.

Why it’s profitable as compared to different hair regrowing strategies?

•It’s one among the hair restoration procedure that entails transplantation of your own hair taken out from back of the scalp. It grows naturally. The colour of the hair is similar as your original hair. Hair development unremarkably starts as soon as two to three months. Hair replacement completes its recovery at intervals eight to ten months.

•Another good thing about this surgical procedure is that you simply just get hair that is terribly handleable. Transplanted hair works slightly like your naturally big hair thus you do not acquired to apply any particular shampoos or chemical substances to keep up its density.

•Hair transplants area unit absolutely safe and natural. No particular chemical substances or medicines area unit employed in this method which will harm your hair. Amongst all the hair progress ways hair transplant surgical procedure is that essentially the most natural. The results of hair fall therapy are a unit thus smart that majority of the people won’t be ready to tell that you just acquired a hair transplant.

•It helps to hide up bald house with own hair that doesn’t would like any maintenance. It improves assurance and look of the person. The fee may be more but it is only process in baldness treatment.

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