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In the fantasy world of the game, actions achieved ends. Again, here we can understand this group as people who have failed at the real world and have checked out of it and into the fantasy worlds of internet forums and video games. It was almost as if all these disaffected young men were waiting for a figure to come along who, having achieved nothing in his life, pretended as though he had achieved everything, who by using the tools of fantasy, could transmute their loserdom (in 4chan parlance, their “fail”), into “win”. Trump, of course, has made his fortune in a similar manner, with casinos, correspondence courses, and pageants, swindling money out of aspiring-millionaire blue collar workers, selling them not a bill of goods, but the hope of a bill of goods, the glitz and glamour of success, to people who don’t win, or in Trump’s parlance, “don’t win anymore”.

That is to say, younger Trump supporters know they are handing their money to someone who will never place their bets – only his own – because, after all, it’s plain as day there was never any other option. Thus these Trump supporters hold a different sort of ideology, not one of “when will my horse come in”, but a trolling self-effacing, “I know my horse will never come in”. If your youngsters aren’t finding out about porn online, they’ll learn more about it at school from their peers (and yes also at Christian colleges.) Some will certainly learn about porn from their moms and dads; I listen to stories all frequently where Junior stumbled onto Daddy’s porn stash as well as obtained hooked. Keep an eye out in particular for any weird quirks that people mention in Reddit threads or forum posts. The people carrying it out did not interact with real life all that much, only the virtual escapist worlds of video games, message boards, and anime. In other words, if we are to understand Trump supporters, we can view them at the core as losers – people who never ever bet on the right horse – Trump, of course, being the signal example, the man obsessed with “losers” who seemingly was going to be remembered as one of the biggest losers in history – until he won.

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