New Zealand Fashion Week in collaboration with WORLD
October 20 2003


WORLD are staunch art advocates. In their High Street store galleries of wearable originals, gallery goers have opportunities to purchase, and wear an array of original designs. In these stores you’ll also find curious art objects. It is not surprising then that this year for fashion week WORLD collaborate with artist
Reuben Paterson creating original art works that are then tailored into male suits, women’s jackets and hats.


The collaboration between WORLD and artist Reuben Paterson for this years Fashion Week transforms the catwalk into gallery, a one off exhibition operating in a small space of time. Like all of WORLD’S Fashion Week exhibits we read these art clothes with emotion and sensationalism.


WORLD own several of Paterson’s glitter paintings and following the artists recent solo exhibitions at Gow Langsford Gallery in Auckland and Milford Gallery in Dunedin Denise and Francis approached Paterson with the idea of creating masculine suits and women’s jackets with his trade mark glitter signature.


Paterson has used Glitter and glitter dust to recreate the eccentric patterns of the 60’s and 70’s. Paterson had used these motifs in glitter in his most recent exhibitions of paintings to explain the time period in which his unknown grandmother committed suicide.


“I have this vision of my gran, romantic, a cocktail in hand (she liked a drink!), pulling out frocks of memory. And all these 60’s inspired designs give memory. They contain koru and waves that sparkle in memorizing colours and designs. This idea of the stars in the sky and navigation, and of looking up at this stars to contemplate the place where she now resides”.


Paterson says that in recreating these patterns directly onto suits they become “death suits”. Paterson explains this further in his comments that accompany the catalogue to the collaborative fashion exhibition.


“If you looked into a faceted diamond mirror there would be multiple visions of yourself and you’d realise in your vision that you’d die one day. For your
journey, and your reincarnated journey back to life you need to wear glitter suit. Impress your tupuna with grace and style – because you truly have been a cunt on Earth”.


Both artists can also be seen at the Auckland Art Galleries summer exhibit ‘Flaunt’ (October 4 2003 – February 16 2004) where alongside WORLD’S gold lame suit and deer skin shoes you can see Paterson’s glitter paisley work titled “Your Pants are putting on an X-Rated Show”.


Collaborating with an artist is a bold step, but shall prove to be yet another dazzling, if not glittering and awe-inspiring show by our leaders of experimental New Zealand fashion, and art.