Ice Cream and Muscles

Ice Cream and Muscles
WORLDman, Auckland

March 18 – April 1 2011


“It makes perfect sense for Paterson to team up with the equally fabulous fashion designers WORLD. Paterson says ‘The designers for WORLD approached me last year (2010) with a collaborative project in mind. WORLD and I have collaborated before on the 2005 mens couture collection shown at NZ Fashion Week. WORLD and I are close friends – while at university I worked at WORLD – and along with our collaborative past we have stepped it up and stepped forward with this new capsule collection. Our collaboration has been an opportunity to invest in a project outside of the gallery context. It feels spirited and fun, and explores more sexually direct themes – themes that are more sexually frank rather than sexually suggestive.”
This has resulted in a line of male, female and unisex t-shirts and accessories.


‘I really chose to take up this project because WORLD, especially WORLDman, are brands that incorporate freedom and pride in a very creative way’, explains Paterson. ‘WORLD is a mutually inclusive brand that has both the strength and energy to respect my artistic concepts, and it allows for these emotive ideas to be communicated to the people through both fashion and the in-store installation. WORLD is also a brand I feel a part of: art and fashion here are the perfect match. The collections theme is Ice Cream and Muscles, played off in a limited edition poster available in-store. The largest component of this collection is the men’s wear range, which is a playful exploration into sexual practise, with elements of men being men, and men who love men. I want to celebrate us as sexual beings, unafraid of our exploration in this world, and unfettered by our stereotypes or by shades of pink. This collection is reclamation.


I’m hijacking the entire store, and in reference to this collection being sexually frank, will create a sex museum from close friends collections of sex toys; each toy will be accompanied by a personal story. Alongside the poster will be an entire wall work – it really is a hijack as there will only be this capsule collection on show for the week before the new season range is introduced.”


Andrew Paul Wood for Urbis Magazine