Ándale Ándale

Ándale Ándale, 2014


Glitter and synthetic polymer and two pot clear on aluminium
6.54 x 6.35 m


An artwork featuring a striking floral pattern in glitter shimmering across 15 aluminium panels will be permanently attached to the side facade of the Newmarket Train Station.


Ándale, Ándale (a Spanish phrase meaning “Come on, let’s go!”) by Reuben Paterson evokes the perpetual flow of people in and out of the station. The artwork has been commissioned by the Newmarket Art Trust with support from Auckland Council and the Newmarket Business Association.
“Placed within a transport hub, my floral design travels all the way from the 60s to the contemporary fashion nexus that is Newmarket today,” says Paterson.


He adds, “I think of Ándale Ándale as a type of bullfighter’s cape that marks the threshold to this lively area.”
Councillor Alf Filipaina, the Arts, Culture and Events Committee Chair, says Ándale, Ándale is a world-class work of art worthy of the contemporary, thriving business zone of Newmarket.
“The design is inspired by ancestral Māori and Scottish textile patterns, an apt place-making match for a fashion retail precinct,” he says.


David Haigh from the Newmarket Arts Trust says that Paterson is one of Auckland’s most exciting New Zealand artists whose acclaim is quickly growing throughout Australasia.


Ándale Ándale will be unveiled on Friday 28 February.


Photo credits to:


Tessa Chrisp
Patrck Reynolds
Annalily van den Broeke

Photo credit: Tessa Chrisp