Gow Langsford Gallery, New Zealand

September 19 – October 10 2007


Reveler, maybe conjure this; in reverie you are God, you bring the conscious and unconscious together. In the prestigious role of observer/Promethean, in pleasure and abnegation you thee wed.  What’s your fire?


Without – the Heat Death of the Universe – within…
…Finding felicity, sweet seductress; point of all possible existence, unity, separation, anguish, unsatisfied desire and of all death .


A landscape of the sublime, a meditation on all that brings it on – your turn on, tune in – hand in hand in hand in…


…Its hot imprint a testimony, a vision (seen maybe many years later in reverie) that movement, its spectrum an instant.


It’s always about life and death, the last breath and the echo resounding, and everything in between. You cannot speak of these things with language – equation, but you can perceive it, capture it in its fleeting…


Allow yourself this; loss of self, seduction, intoxication – by eruption, in a burn bottoming out, lulled to the edge of dreaming before the cosmic fire – mimic of your own internal burn, contemplate. It’s that movement Reveler; it’s that – movement, within, what precedes it and what follows it, that is, reverie.


Sharon Whippy